Austin McBroom rubbishes claims YouTube vs TikTok boxing event flopped on PPV

Austin McBroom Social Gloves PPV NumbersInstagram: Austin McBroom

Austin McBroom shut down claims that the Battle of the Platforms YouTubers vs. TikTokers amateur boxing event was a flop, insisting the “real numbers” will be released soon.

The Battle of the Platforms YouTubers vs. TikTokers boxing event ended with a bang after Austin knocked out Bryce Hall.

But according to multiple sources, including participants Josh Richards and Vinnie Hacker, they still have not been paid.

Social Gloves, the company behind the event, insisted they’re “working tirelessly” to verify finances and get everyone paid on time. However, the whole debacle has led many to believe the event was a flop and sold only 136,00 pay-per-view buys, much less than the expected 500,000.

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Austin, who is reportedly a partial owner of Social Gloves, posted a statement on Instagram claiming it was “one of the biggest social media events in history” and the “real numbers,” which are being tallied by an accounting firm and first-class auditor, will come out soon.

“100,000 PPV buys is [cap]. Only the haters want to believe that,” he said. “These people who are scamming… are basically saying all of us fighters [and our] fanbases ain’t sh*t.”

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“We all know Social Gloves put on one of the biggest social media events in history as all of you watched. The real numbers will come out soon. Just know Social Gloves weren’t the ones who collected PPV numbers [and] purchases.”

Austin McBroom Social Gloves PPV Numbers

The event is still making headlines weeks after it finished — only for the wrong reasons.

However, Austin is adamant that it was a resounding success and believes everyone involved will be rightfully paid in due time.

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