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Deji accuses Bryce Hall of steroid use and responds to boxing challenge

Published: 4/Jan/2022 11:31

by Jacob Hale


After months of rumors surrounding his comeback, UK YouTuber Deji has spoken out about his possible boxing future, reeling off a number of names as well as accusing TikTok star Bryce Hall of using steroids.

Deji has been out of action since his loss to TikToker Vinnie Hacker at the YouTuber vs TikToker boxing event, which also saw the likes of FaZe Jarvis vs Michael Le and Bryce Hall himself taking on Austin McBroom in the main event.

Both Bryce and Deji lost their respective fights and came out looking worse for wear — and Deji has invited the idea of the two of them facing off against one another for redemption.


When discussing his eventual comeback, Deji had some choice comments about Bryce, who has also not scheduled in his next fight since the loss to McBroom.

Deji in a YouTube video
YouTube: Deji
Deji’s loss to Vinnie Hacker was a rough one for him.

In his YouTube video posted on January 3, 2022, titled ‘Who am I fighting next,’ Deji addressed the rumors surrounding his status and spoke a bit about his comeback.

After showing footage of his months of training to round out 2021, Deji spoke out about the rumors that have followed him regarding his next fight.

“They’re saying that I’m fighting Bryce Hall, I saw that I’m fighting some people from FaZe … I’m hearing all these names,” he explained. “They’re all rumors … If you want me to fight on that [Showstar Boxing UK V USA] card, you guys know what to do … If I have to fight Bryce, I don’t mind fighting that steroid little b**ch, you know what I mean?”


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Stating that he’s “out for redemption,” Deji is clearly angling towards getting another big fight and, this time, hoping it goes a little better than his previous bouts.

So far, Deji has accrued a 0-2 record on his boxing resumé, with losses to both Hacker and a YouTuber that is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in combat sports, Jake Paul.

If Bryce catches word of these comments from Deji, we don’t expect him to take it laying down and could end up hearing about a possible fight sooner rather than later.