YouTuber Super Eyepatch Wolf helps fan pull off viral proposal

Super Eyepatch Wolf Instagram / paulbravely Twitter

Popular YouTuber Super Eyepatch Wolf played a part in a fan’s clever marriage proposal that has since gone viral and is making thousands tear up.

Eyepatch Wolf has amassed over 1M subs for his analytical videos on anime and games, among other things. The YouTuber has been doing it for years, and has created a dedicated community since he began.

The fandom runs so deep that someone named Paul reached out to the YouTuber for a special project with a certain Super Eyepatch Wolf watcher in mind.

Paul was getting ready to propose to his partner Maya, but wasn’t going to settle for an ordinary proposal. That’s why he hit up Irish content creator to see if he could give him a better chance at locking down a ‘yes.’

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Eyepatch Wolf’s involvement was a huge ingredient to the ploy, but that’s not entirely why it’s going viral on Twitter and having such a huge effect on the people tuning in.

The video starts with the YouTuber narrating his ‘video’ just like any other video, but it gets real personal to Maya and Paul, real quick. Through the deep-think style of Paul’s script that seamlessly translated to Eyepatch Wolf’s video style, audiences got to know the couple’s love story.

As we got to know how they met, learned about their almost-chance encounter, and seeing Paul’s fiancé-to-be absolutely lose it at every slide, viewers were collectively engrossed in the video along with Maya.

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It was a smooth transition before he popped the question, and the reactions after the ‘yes’ were heartwarming.

“So.. a fan asked me to make a fake video to help him propose to his girlfriend, and the result is maybe the sweetest most surreal thing I’ve ever seen,” Eyepatch Wolf said, describing the scripted voice-over prompt that Paul had sent him.

The orchestrated video has been taking off since being posted with over 300k views in a few hours.

“When I reached out to EyePatchWolf with my proposal script I didn’t know the level of care he would approach this with,” Paul said. “I didn’t even know if he would respond. The fact he was willing to do this helped make this moment so special. I can’t thank him enough.”

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