Andrew Tate’s Hustler’s University reportedly put “bounty” on KSI for supporting bans

Andrew Tate KSIAndrew Tate/YouTube: JJ Olatunji

Andrew Tate’s Hustler’s University reportedly placed a “bounty” on finding a way to cancel YouTuber KSI after the latter posted on Twitter in support of Tate’s ban from social media.

Back in 2022, Andrew Tate received bans from Facebook, Instagram, and various other social media platforms as his popularity and controversial opinions on women began to skyrocket.

Many of his critics quickly began speaking out about the ban, including Jake Paul and Ludwig. KSI also joined the conversation and took to Twitter to say: “Thank god Andrew Tate got banned.”

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Now, it has been revealed that Andrew Tate’s Hustler’s University reportedly put a “bounty” on finding a way to cancel KSI after his comments.

andrew tate matrixTwitter: cobratate
Andrew Tate is also known for his “matrix” conspiracy.

Hustler’s University reportedly put “bounty” on KSI

In chat logs obtained by VICE by a former member of Hustler’s University, a Discord moderator with the screen name ‘Luc’ appears to be instructing people to make videos “condemning” KSI.

“Going to make a KSI Cancelled bounty as well. Whoever gets the most views on a video showing that KSI needs to be condemned and canceled. The world needs to know KSI is a hypocrite, who has done horrible things, and that he should be canceled himself,” it reads.

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“You have 48 hours for this one. [The] best video wins.”

It’s unknown what the reward for the bounty would have been, but it’s clear that Andrew Tate and his associates weren’t too happy with KSI’s comment after his ban as the message in Discord was sent two days after the YouTubers tweet.

Shortly after VICE’s report was published, KSI responded to the news on Twitter. “Ain’t no way,” he said alongside several laughing emojis.

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Judging by his response, it’s clear that KSI’s not too worried about the alleged “threat” to his career and it’s safe to say that nobody was successful at attempting to cancel the YouTuber.

Since then, Not only has KSI begun gearing up for his iconic fight against Jake Paul but he’s also earned millions alongside Logan Paul and their sports drink business, Prime.

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