YouTube launches Live Redirects to compete with Twitch raids

YouTube Gaming Live RedirectUnsplash: @Helloimnik

YouTube Gaming has released Live Redirects, a new feature that allows users to send audiences to another streams or premieres, directly competing with Twitch’s raid system. 

When it comes to live streaming on the internet, YouTube Gaming is slowly becoming more and more popular.

They have former Twitch stars like Ludwig and TimTheTatman on their side as well as the most recent creator to make the change, Sykkuno. 

However, users believe the platform is missing a variety of features and on May 3, YouTube Gaming revealed Live Redirects — their version of Twitch raids.


YouTube Gaming launches Live Redirect

Its new feature allows streamers on the platform to send their audience to a video premiere or live stream of their choice — including other creators’ channels.

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Being able to live redirect to and from a premiere sets the feature apart from Twitch raids as it will open up new opportunities for creators who want to build excitement for the upload. Creators will be able to automatically redirect traffic from their live stream to the premiere.

The feature is immediately available for creators who have over 1,000 subscribers and no Community Guideline strikes on their account.

In an effort to make sure the feature is used responsibly, they have provided two options within YouTube Studio to give creators control over who can redirect to their channel.

This may be a welcome feature for many creators, as Twitch streamers have continued to deal with hate raids throughout the last year.

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How to redirect YouTube live stream viewers

  • Create a live stream.
  • Click Edit.
  • Click Customization.
  • Under “Redirect,” click Add.
  • Choose a Premiere or search for another channel’s live stream.
  • When your live stream ends, you’ll see a confirmation saying your viewers will be redirected.

How to redirect from a YouTube Premiere

  • Go to YouTube Studio.
  • From the left, click Videos.
  • Under “Where to redirect viewers,” click Select.
  • Choose another Premiere or search for another channel’s live stream.
  • When your Premiere ends, your viewers will be redirected.

Change who can redirect to you on YouTube

  • Open YouTube Studio
  • On the left, click Settings and then Community.
  • Uncheck the option to allow redirects from channels that you are subscribed to.
  • Under “Approved live redirects,” enter a channel.
  • Click Save.

This announcement comes just days after reports surfaced that show Twitch may be reducing the partner sub revenue split in favor of more ads, causing many to slam the platform for their decisions.

Now that YouTube have released a redirect feature, perhaps we’ll see the sought-after gifted member feature rolled out in the coming weeks to gain even more ground on its live-streaming rival, Twitch.