xQc's six hour battle with Dark Souls boss will go down in history - Dexerto

xQc’s six hour battle with Dark Souls boss will go down in history

Published: 5/Dec/2018 15:01 Updated: 5/Dec/2018 15:53

by Calum Patterson


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is known as a former pro Overwatch player, popular streamer and now – as the victor of a six hour long battle with a boss in Dark Souls III.

Notoriously difficult, Dark Souls’ boss fights are often regarded as one of the most frustrating yet rewarding experiences in gaming, and some streamers focus entirely on trying to defeat them.

xQc, formerly an Overwatch streamer and pro player, has moved to more ‘variety’ streaming, where he plays various games – partly due to a suspension on his Overwatch account.

Taking on the Abyss Watchers boss, one of the most difficult in all of Dark Souls III, xQc began the challenge when only two hours into a ten hour stream.


It took him until he was almost eight hours deep before finally taking down the enemy, but not before numerous fails – and even his viewers doing their very best to distract him.

Because xQc has text-to-speech donations enabled, viewers would send him annoying messages, like this one where the donation was simply the number seven over and over and over again.

In another failed attempt, his controls messed up, leaving him helpless and at the mercy of the powerful boss.

After countless fails, rages and different techniques attempted, the glorious moment when xQc finally took down the boss was met with pure elation.


The popular streamer jumped for joy as his viewers spammed the mantra of “I was here” – acknowledging the significance of his victory.

The Canadian has been growing rapidly on Twitch, even after his move to variety streaming, even attracting compliments from fellow streamer Dr DisRespect, who was impressed at the growth for a channel which is not mainly streaming Fortnite.

xQc is on track to break into the top 100 most followed channels soon, and moments like this historic six-hour long boss battle are helping more viewers discover the sometimes controversial streamer.