Dr DisRespect discusses the rise of xQc on Twitch - xQc reacts - Dexerto

Dr DisRespect discusses the rise of xQc on Twitch – xQc reacts

Published: 4/Dec/2018 9:54

by Calum Patterson


Former Overwatch professional player Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has quickly grown in popularity on Twitch as a full time streamer, earning praise from the self-proclaimed ‘face of Twitch’, Dr DisRespect.

After being released from Overwatch League team Dallas Fuel, following numerous controversies, xQc focused his efforts on streaming full time, playing mainly Overwatch with a mix of other games too.


Since his Overwatch account was recently suspended again, he has been playing a wider variety of games, proving that his audience isn’t just there because of the game he is playing.

Dr DisRespect, who shot to popularity on the streaming website in 2016, was asked by viewers what he knew of xQc and his emergence as one of the top streamers.


The Doc said that although he wasn’t too familiar with xQc, he knew that he wasn’t a full time Fortnite streamer, and said that to grow rapidly while not playing Fortnite is an impressive feat.

“He doesn’t look like he’s a full time Fortnite streamer, so if you can gather such a strong following in such a short amount of time and you’re not streaming Fortnite, then you’re doing something special and unique.”

xQc later watched and reacted to Dr DisRespect’s comments on his own stream, and was clearly thankful for the kind words.

The two streamers are very different, but also similar in that their channels are not known for playing only one game, and are instead popular because of the broadcaster’s personality.


xQc is fast approaching the 1 million follower mark on Twitch, which would secure his spot as one of the top 100 most followed channels.


Pokemon GO streamer has phone & car stolen while live on Twitch

Published: 8/Oct/2020 21:24 Updated: 8/Oct/2020 21:27

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon GO player’s livestream was interrupted when a mugger robbed them in front of viewers. The Trainer’s phone and car were stolen during the broadcast.

Pokemon GO took the world by storm in 2016, as players from all over ventured outside of their homes to catch their favorite monsters. The mobile title developed by Niantic brought the beloved Nintendo RPG to real life for millions.


Unfortunately, because the game takes place in the real world, unexpected things can happen – from fans assaulting each other over Gyms, to even murder. On October 8, a streamer’s broadcast quickly turned violent after they were mugged, much to the horror of their audience.

pokemon go player catching croagunk
Twitch: xDeezzNutzx
The Pokemon GO player was robbed while trying to catch a Croagunk.

Pokemon GO player robbed live on stream

Pokemon GO streamer Anthony ‘xDeezzNutzx’ was broadcasting live on October 8 when his Twitch stream was abruptly brought to a halt. The player was trying to catch a Croagunk when a stranger attacked him.


While there is no video of the incident, viewers tuning it could hear the audio of the terrifying moment. “Whoa dude, I’m live! I’m live! I don’t got nothing. I don’t have anything!” the 23-year old told the assailant.

The thief can be heard telling the Pokemon fan “The f**k wrong with you?!” after they tried to resist the theft. The GO stream then cut off after the criminal stole the player’s phone.


The thieves could be heard talking on the stream after multiple attempts to unlock the victim’s phone. “We got to get up through here really quick. Come on. We got his vape, his car keys, let’s get the whip, right,” they said.

It wasn’t long before the criminals realized that the phone was still broadcasting live. “He was going live? Why does he got so many goddamn portable chargers?” they said, before taking off with the stolen items.


According to Reddit, a police investigation is now underway. At the time of writing, the individuals have not yet been found or arrested. Based on the audio, it appears that the streamer was mugged by four individuals.

This story is sadly another example of how unpredictable the real world can actually be. And unfortunately, that means even players trying to enjoy Pokemon GO outside can sometimes get caught up in some scary situations.