xQc threatens to ban Twitch fans who tell him what to play on stream

Twitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has come down hard on “backseat gamers” on Twitch, with the French-Canadian star threatening to permanently ban anyone who tells him what to play during his lengthy broadcasts.

Twitch’s biggest star, xQc, has flown off the handle at viewers who often demand he play specific games or watch certain stream clips, dubbing them “useless.”

The French-Canadian star has ascended to new heights on Twitch in 2021, regularly boasting over 120,000 concurrent viewers in any one stream, and is well on track to hit ten million followers next year. With his Twitch fame, however, has come an immense stream chat that often rolls out of control.

In an effort to curb his fandom’s “backseat gaming” ⁠— demanding the 26-year-old do exactly what they want at any given time ⁠— Lengyel has offered up a simple option: nip it in the bud, or cop the banhammer.

“We’ve never had this many b*tches in high concentration before,” xQc stated, “and they all complain about what they want, constantly. I’m not giving in.”

xQc yells into his Twitch camera.Twitch: xQc
Lengyel fired off a major salvo at his Twitch fans during his latest stream.

The Twitch star exploded midway through his December 12 broadcast after several minutes of his fans demanding he stop talking and start playing games.

According to xQc, the Twitch community as a whole has become a glut of “b*tches” who believe they are the most important viewer. This feeling, Lengyel explained, is because there’s so many other streamers who “bow down” to their fans, playing whatever is suggested, and he’s “over it.”

“The root cause is b*tches,” xQc yelled. “In this course of the internet, okay, we had never had so many b*tches in such high concentration. We are at the f**king pulp orange juice of the glass. So many b*tches complain all the time.

“What you think is if you do what they want, they will leave me. No! The b*tches don’t complain to get the result and fix the world. They complain to feel good about themselves. They feel like they’re useful.

“The reality of it?” the incensed Twitch streamer continued. “The reality: they’re not. They’re f**king useless, baseless, futureless b*tches. They’ll get banned.”

“If you give them what they want, you’re saying, “Yo dude, you’re being a b*tch, it’s a good thing! I’m rewarding you for being a b*tch,” so you can’t do that,” xQc said.

Instead, the popular Twitch star said, he would begin dolling out permanent bans to any Twitch viewers in his chat that incessantly tell him to swap games, start the stream earlier, or change to watching different clips.

“If you give them what they want, you think they’d go “hey, I changed the world,” and move on with their lives. That’s not what happens. They say, “f**k, that worked!” and keep doing it. They go for another one, constantly.

“They think they’re the president,” he added. “Well guess what? No! You’re not really the president, you don’t get what you want. You’re just a huge p*ssy, that’s it!”

xQc has been on the warpath about his chat weighing in on his choices recently, dubbing those who complain about his ‘react’ streams as “boomers.”

“There’s a lot of boomers on Twitch that are content purists,” he continued. They’re like, hey dude this content is not content. B*tch no one cares. If I enjoy something and the community enjoys it, the thought process literally comes at a complete halt there. It stops, at least for me it stops.”

Despite xQc butting heads with his chat over them, the star’s react-heavy broadcasts have boosted Lengyel’s stats by a whopping 22% in the last 14 days.