xQc is that one toxic teammate you get every League game and he’s super proud of it

xQc alongside Yasuo from League of Legends.Twitch: xQc / Riot Games

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has outed himself as that one toxic League of Legends teammate you get every ranked game, claiming he “has seven banned accounts” on the famous Riot Games title and even throws games deliberately if he’s not winning.

Toxicity and League of Legends. It’s like bacon and eggs, Batman and Robin, or shoes and socks; apparently, they just go together, and xQc is right in the middle.

Riot’s flagship title has become renowned for its controversial players over the years, ranging from the veritable face of the game, Tyler1, to ranked heroes and their ever-increasing desire to win, as long as they’re the ones dominating each and every Summoner’s Rift lobby.

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And, apparently, Twitch star xQc is that toxic teammate.

According to the French-Canadian, he “regularly throws games” ⁠— deliberately, it’s worth adding ⁠— and has had seven League of Legends accounts banned.

xQc explains to his Twitch fans.Twitch: xQc
Lengyel has never been known as the calmest of Twitch streamers.

Now, League of Legends is known to bring out the worst in even the strongest gamers. There are many that dub it “the most toxic game ever,” though others argue that just comes with the territory of the world’s biggest franchise.

xQc, however, seems to relish his own LoL toxicity.

During his latest Twitch stream, the popular streamer admitted he has now racked up seven suspended accounts ⁠(all permanent) and won’t stop doing it either.

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“Sometimes, when I’m playing League, if I am losing my lane, if I feel like my team didn’t do good to win the game, I just throw the game,” the Twitch star admitted. “F**k it. If I played my lane right and got camped, and my team was doing badly and we’re winning the game, I just throw that sh*t.”

The star wasn’t shy about it either, bragging about his impact on lobbies: “Really, f**k it, dude. I don’t want to win the game with these motherf**kers.”

Twitch’s biggest star added that he is “really good at League.” He believes, if he wanted to, he could solo-carry the struggling players, but decides not to. Whether or not that’s actually true is up for debate, but the French-Canadian’s skills did see him play several years in Overwatch’s pro league.

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“[I know that] if I focus up, then we win the game, but I’m sitting there and I decide that they do not deserve the win,” xQc claimed. “That’s just how it is.”