xQc hits out at Twitch “boomers” criticizing his reaction streams

Shay Robson
Twitch: xQc

Popular streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel hit out at the Twitch “boomers” that criticize him streaming reactionary content.

From popular reality TV show Masterchef to quirky Daily Dose of the Internet videos, reactionary content has taken over a decent chunk of xQc’s streams recently.

Despite the former Overwatch pro still streaming games hours on end every day, the online star has come under fire from his Twitch peers for “lazy reactionary content.”

However, he’s hit back at people trying to dictate what is good content and what isn’t.

xQc new show announcement
xQc has been out in front on Twitch for quite some time.

The beginning of xQc’s December 12 Livestream kicked off with a lengthy rant, where he hit out at the Twitch “boomer content purists” that regularly criticize the content that other people stream.

“There’s a lot of boomers on Twitch, that have this idea that they’re like content purists,” explained xQc. “They’re like dude, this is content this is not content.”

Lengyel continued: “B*tch no one cares. If I enjoy doing something and the community enjoys it, the thought process literally comes at a complete halt right there. It stops, at least for me it stops.”

Despite the majority of his latest streams featuring mainly reaction content, xQc is still sitting comfortably in his throne at the top of Twitch.

According to Twitch statistic site SullyGnome, xQc has seen his average concurrent Twitch viewers increase a whopping 22% in the last 14 days. The Twitch star is clearly doing something right.