xQc speechless after discovering the most dedicated Pokimane fan on stream

Virginia Glaze
xQc shocked by pokimane fan steam profile

Twitch star xQc was left stunned after coming across the most dedicated Pokimane fan we’ve ever seen during a game of CS:GO on stream.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is the most popular woman on Twitch — and the most popular Twitch streamer in the entire United States.

Boasting over 9.2 million followers on the purple streaming platform, Poki is the site’s 9th most-followed streamer overall (this doesn’t include the millions of followers she has on other social platforms like Instagram and Twitter).

Anys is open about her interactions with her fans, and has even uploaded a vlog where one of her viewers asked her out at TwitchCon. Sometimes, these experiences can get awkward, but she always manages to keep things in stride.

Pokimane red hair stream
Pokimane is the most-searched Twitch streamer in the United States.

While there are certainly some dedicated Pokimane superfans out there, none of them quite come close to the fan that Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel ran across during a game of CS:GO.

At first, Lengyel noticed that one of his opponents was named “pokimane♥Poki♡Kong.” After getting frustrated with the player for apparently stream sniping, xQc went to check out their Steam profile — and was left completely baffled.

xQc is the fifth-most popular streamer on Twitch with over 10 million followers.

The fan’s account is, essentially, a Pokimane fan page. Their profile picture is a photo of Pokimane, and their bio contains a statement that reads: “If Pokimane has 1,000 fans, I am one of them / If Pokimane has 100 fans, I am one of them / If Pokimane has 10 fans, I am one of them.”

That’s not all; a short scroll down shows a giant graphic that is full of Pokimane selfies. Text on the graphic claims he’s the “biggest Pokimane fan,” a “Tier 3 subscriber,” and — wait for it — has donated over $1,000 to the Twitch star.

The profile continues even further, and is full of photos and gifs of Pokimane.

Needless to say, xQc was completely shocked. After looking at the profile for a few stunned seconds, he could only say one phrase: “What the f**k?”

Other players on xQc’s team couldn’t help but admire the effort… but it looks like ‘the juicer’ himself was a little leery of the whole thing. We can’t say we blame him… especially after Pokimane herself discussed being stalked by a fan in a recent interview.