xQc slams Twitch viewers “shaming” streamers after Pokimane donation cap

Bill Cooney
xQc Pokimane Twitch donation capxQc/Pokimane

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, and he made it clear he’s not the biggest fan of Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys’s new strategy for donations on the site – but not for reasons you might think.

On November 1, Pokimane announced a new strategy she would be employing for donations to her channel — capping them at 5$ for each individual donation.

While this move seems to have gone over well with viewers, fellow streamer xQc made it clear he wasn’t crazy about the idea, especially since it would encourage the Twitch community to expect the same thing from other streamers, no matter the circumstances.

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To be clear, xQc wasn’t attacking Pokimane for putting a 5$ cap on her channels donations — and actually mentioned it wasn’t a bad idea, for her at least — but instead speculated that it could be bad news for other streamers.

“Every time that one creator does something that’s good, for some reason — I don’t know why — everybody, instead of going ‘oh that’s good,’ you know what they do? They don’t do that,” Felix explained with the aid of Microsoft Paint. “They say ‘holy s**t, all the other ones not doing it, they’re bad,’ and that’s a really odd way of thinking, and doing things. This happens on Twitch across the board, every time, any time somebody does something it’s always like this. We never ever celebrate anyone doing something good, we always shame others for not doing it.”

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The Canadian went on to say that larger streamers, such as Pokimane, have other ways of making money outside of donations, and don’t really “need” them, but that’s not the case for everyone who streams.

“I think it’s important to not go roll people over because somebody did something good, I’m sure if I look through any of the comments, some of them will s**t on people who aren’t doing it,” xQc predicted, before finding just the comment he was looking for a few seconds later. “See? Automatically, I just like, guessed it, just because it’s so common, that’s the first thing people do is they jump at the f***ing throat and f**k everybody else.”

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It’s still a bit too early to tell whether or not a donation cap will catch on as one of the next Twitch trends, but the former Overwatch pro did make a good point that it wouldn’t really be feasible to expect from most other streamers on the platform.

While the overwhelming consensus has been that Poki has made a respectable move with her new dono strategy, it doesn’t seem likely xQc will be following along anytime soon.

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