xQc slams other Twitch stars for “ganging up” on him over Olympics DMCA drama

xQc slams Twitch streamers for “ganging up” on him over Olympics DMCA dramaTwitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has slammed other star Twitch streamers for “ganging up” on him over his DMCA counter-claim against the International Olympics Committee, claiming none have even bothered to contact him about it before weighing in about it on-stream.

Twitch slapped xQc with a temporary ban for showing clips of the Tokyo Olympics on his channel after the International Olympics Committee reported it as a breach of the DMCA guidelines and requested them to take it down.

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However, he decided to hit back with a counter-claim and chose a lawyer some streamers like Ethan Klein, and Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys have concerns about, which has become a huge talking point.

But xQc hit back at streamers criticizing him and his lawyer for deciding to pursue the case, claiming that they’re all “making it a big deal” and “ganging up” on him for Twitch content, rather than reaching out.

Twitch: xQc / Olympics Media Pool
xQc’s counter-claim could see the DMCA strike overturned.

He explained that people have been making a fuss about the DMCA guidelines for a long time now. So, now that he is trying to do something about it, he doesn’t understand why people are “getting mad” and claiming he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

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“Now that I try something, everybody goes back against me. Everybody is fighting me… people that I don’t even talk to. People that I don’t even know. Everybody is ganging up on me,” he said.

What’s more, he claimed that no streamers have bothered to message him about it even though the implications of his case could impact them, too. “Where is all the crazy energy of trying to help?” he said.

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“Not one person across the platform.

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“Not one streamer DM’d me [to] maybe give me advice or feedback or [express their] concerns about the ongoings [even though] it could change their fate too.”

xQc also clapped back at Pokimane after hearing her talk about his lawyer. He joked he should fire him and hire her in his place because she “seems very knowledgeable” and must have “passed the Bar with a law degree.”

Pokimane hasn’t responded. However, his comments weren’t well-received by fans. They called him “childish” for not understanding something that was “common sense” and accused him of “sticking with a sh*t lawyer out of pride.”

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xQc’s counter-claim is currently underway, but it hasn’t gotten to the point of one party suing the other yet. That will all depend on whether the International Olympics Committee decides to make it happen.

However, xQc’s legal team insists they are ready to defend him no matter what, and if it does proceed to a court of law, things could get spicy.

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