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xQc slams Travis Scott’s “joke” apology following Astroworld tragedy

Published: 8/Nov/2021 19:21 Updated: 9/Nov/2021 11:23

by Dylan Horetski


Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel reacted on stream to Travis Scott’s Instagram story in which he apologized for the tragedy that happened at his concert festival, Astroworld. 

On November 5th, rapper Travis Scott held a music festival in Houston, Texas, called ‘Astroworld.’ The festival showcased several musical acts, with Scott being the main attraction. During his performance, a crowd of 100,000+ people surged the stage, resulting in the death of multiple attendees and even more injured.

The tragedy quickly became the talk of social media, with concert-goers talking about their experiences in an attempt to get the story into the hands of more people.


On his November 7 stream, xQc reacted to an apology from the rapper that he posted on his Instagram Story, calling it “a joke.”

xQc reacts to Travis Scott apology

After a viewer put a link to the apology in the streamer’s chat, he quickly opened the video to react to it. Seconds later, xQc shared his initial thoughts: “His apology’s a f**king joke, how do any of the people that work for him let him post this s**t?”

With a disgusted look on his face, Lengyel went on to describe how the video is black and white, and the rapper keeps putting his hand on his head.


While his chat was filled with skeptical comments about the rapper’s apology, xQc intensely focused on the video. However, it wasn’t long until he had something else to say.

“This is so bad.. what the f**k is that?” he continued. “I feel like someone told him to post something. Who would post this?”

Travis Scoot has been criticized on social media for not stopping the show sooner. Since the incident, the rapper, together with Drake, has been hit with a multple lawsuits.

Houston police are continuing their investigations, and have said that they are looking into reports that somebody in the audience had been injecting people with drugs.