HyperX Queued Up sets streamers on their way to stardom

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The first yearly edition of HyperX’s ‘Queued Up’ has identified the five streamers fans chose to be up next, with aspirations of becoming the next big streaming stars. Queued Up is set to return in 2022, becoming a yearly tradition.

Queued Up is now wrapped up – for this year at least. HyperX’s annual competition is reminiscent of the popular ‘freshman’ concept from XXL Magazine, where the most exciting new artists are picked each year.

The world of streaming and content creation is just as competitive as the music industry, with millions of people hopeful that they too could make a living from streaming.

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hyperx queued up class of 2021HyperX
Queued Up class of 2021.

The reality is that only a very small percentage will make it, but HyperX’s Queued Up could prove to be the perfect opportunity for those up-and-coming creators to get the spotlight they deserve.

The class of 2021 comprises a diverse group of creators. Their follower counts range from 50,000 to almost 500,000, and their content covers a wide base of what viewers enjoy from streamers, from Apex Legends to Dead by Daylight, and from music to cosplay.

Announcing the winners was done via livestream, with the event hosted in Las Vegas. Streamed on HyperX’s official Twitch channel, the broadcast peaked at over 8,000 viewers – a massive start for the first-ever year of Queued Up.

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Most importantly though, is the future of the streamers themselves – Yoojin, tuonto, Cahlaflour, Krystalogy, and Loughh. It remains to be seen how the next steps in their careers unfold, but they certainly have all the potential in the world to match their aspirations.

One of the best moments was highlighted by HyperX on Twitter – showing that just a year ago, tuonto had been hopeful of landing a sponsorship.

He is now a HyperX ambassador, along with the other four winners. On top of this, all five received a six-month paid contract with HyperX, and a total gaming setup revamp.

When Queued Up returns for the 2022 edition, it will be interesting to look back on the past 12 months for the class of 2021, and see how many new faces make the cut for next year.

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HyperX plans to run Queued Up for the foreseeable future, so check back next year to see who is up next.