xQc slams Spanish streamers for ‘crying’ amid $100k Rust Twitch Rivals event

Shay Robson

Twitch star Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has hit out at Spanish and LATAM streamers and professional Rust players after they contemplated quitting the massive $100k Twitch Rivals event.

The massive 48-hour Rust Team Battle Twitch Rivals tournament is one of the biggest to date from the live streaming platform with North American streamers facing off against Spanish and LATAM. Over 80 streamers and professional Rust players have been participating and battling it out for a whopping $100,000 prize pool.

The primary goal is to collect the most cash and as many dog tags as they can, while also building up their bases and supplies before the ultimate all-out battle where both teams will try to raid the opposing base.

However, issues began to arise as the tournament kicked off. The Spanish and LATAM side began contemplating quitting the tournament after an “embarrassing lack of respect” from the opposing side, leading Twitch star xQc to hit out at them.

xQc-smile-2 (2)
xQc is one of the biggest creators on Twitch, with over 10.4M followers.

During his April 14 live stream, xQc slammed the Spanish team for their complaints to the tournament admins, despite them being accused of bending the rules in their favor. Upon hearing that the enemy team was discussing their options and contemplating forfeiting, xQc couldn’t help but hit out.

“They could literally log in during their prime time when we are all asleep,” said the juicer. “Grind for materials and loot, and prepare a plan, they could literally raid our base in the last 3 hours and get free 100k dollars.

“But instead they go to Twitter, cry to the admins, cry in chat, cry on stream, and make little meetings about quitting like b*tches. Who the f**k raised these suckers? Absolute f**king soy boys. Christ,” he added.

There’s not long left to go until the ultimate showdown between the two teams, with the final battle set to kick off on April 16 at 12:00 pm PDT.

North America seemingly has the upper hand in the competition. However, there’s a definite chance the fight could go either way.

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