xQc slams SleightlyMusical’s “weird” YouTube apology after LilyPichu drama

Sleightlymusical and xQc side by sideYouTube: SleightlyMusical / Twitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has criticized Albert ‘SleightlyMusical’ Chang on his return to social media after a year-long hiatus since admitting to cheating on Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki, claiming his YouTube apology video was “weird, highly-produced, and highly-manipulated.”

SleightlyMusical was thrusted into the spotlight in November 2019 after multiple members of the OfflineTV community, including ex-partner LilyPichu, claimed he had cheated on her.

He called it “the worst decision of his life,” and went on a social media hiatus for almost a year. He made an apology back then, but has since returned and opened up a bit more about what he’s done over the past year.

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However, xQc isn’t buying it.

The Canadian Twitch star has criticized Chang for releasing a “highly-produced” 11 minute return video, saying he should have just made an apology and moved on.

“This is so weird. If you’ve made a big fuck up publicly, why make a highly-produced, highly-manipulated video? Just make a formal apology and move on with your life man. Don’t try and fabricate hype for it ⁠— that’s even more weird,” xQc said while watching the video on his October 5 Twitch stream.

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“It’s a big mistake. Just apologize with the facts ⁠— fucked up, here’s the facts, apology, move on. If people are not going to let you move on, it’s not because of how you apologized. Making a video won’t do shit.”

xQc also stated that no matter what he does in the video, the minds of critics would already be made up. He said it was just a case of how the internet is nowadays.

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“People that won’t forgive you, won’t forgive you if you make a highly-produced video or apology. If you lay the facts how it is, no filter, people that want to forgive you will, and those that don’t want to won’t.”

He also disagrees with Chang’s own claim that he was ‘canceled’ after the cheating scandal came to light. xQc instead believes that if Chang streamed the day after news came to light, he would have been able to rake in even more attention.

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“You didn’t get canceled. That’s not what being canceled means. That’s not true. If he went live the next day, he would have had more viewers than the day before. He chose to cancel himself. Being cancelled is where even if you want to reach something, you can’t because they cut off your arms ⁠— when you lose the means…your platform, your voice.”

Chang’s return video, which was uploaded on October 5, has been viewed over 100,000 times within 12 hours. It’s unclear if Chang will be making a full-time return to content creation, although he has been working on “several creative projects [he’s] passionate about.”

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“I don’t know if the people I’ve hurt will accept my apologies. All I can do is work towards the day where I can forgive myself.”

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