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xQc slams “misreporting” around mysterious Twitch ban

Published: 15/Aug/2021 21:08 Updated: 16/Aug/2021 10:07

by Jaret Kappelman


One of Twitch’s biggest stars xQc reveals why he was banned from the streaming platform. He claims that he wasn’t really banned and that “clickbait” is playing a role.

Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel spent a little over four hours banned on Twitch on August 14. This was the fifth time that he has been banned from streaming.

Recently, he’s dealt with DMCA issues for watching the Olympics live on stream.

In his latest return stream xQc revealed the real reason why he got banned on Twitch, and it may surprise some viewers.

xQc addresses his viewers after being unbanned on Twitch.

xQc says he wasn’t really banned from Twitch

During the first stream after his ban was lifted xQc greeted fans with his explanation of what really went down.


He didn’t get super specific as to the exact reason for the ban, but told his viewers, “It wasn’t really a ban, it was just kind of how it is.”

He also went on to say that clickbait titles and people twisting what he says is hurting his reputation.

“The f**king clickbait sh*t all the time is really bad, cause it causes irreparable damage,” He said, before adding that whenever he says something or gives his opinion on a topic, people like to take his words and twist the meaning.

It’s still unclear if his ban was related to something he said that was taken out of context. However, the Twitch star’s obviously tired of being “misreported.” People who don’t watch his stream, and don’t understand the context, then see things he has said in clips and “take the words for what they are instead of getting informed.”


The streamer said that this has been an ongoing issue for a while, but it has ‘gotten out of hand’ and needs to be fixed.