Was Dream in Bella Poarch’s new music video? Cryptic tweets spark rumors

Bella Poarch next to DreamInstagram: bellapoarch / dreamwastaken

Fans are scrambling to try and spot Minecraft YouTuber Dream in Bella Poarch’s latest music video for INFERNO, after the stars posted cryptic tweets implying that he made an appearance.

Bella Poarch is hugely popular on TikTok, and that popularity has definitely transferred over to her music career as well, with her debut song ‘Build a B*tch’ at over 270 million views on YouTube.

She surprised fans by including cameos from other creators like streamer Valkyrae in the video for the track, and she decided to carry that same idea forward to her latest single with artist Sub Urban, INFERNO.

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The video released on August 13, and featured popular stars like TommyInnit, Ludwig, Adin Ross, and many more.

But after fans thought they had spotted everyone, Sub Urban tweeted: “What if I told you Dream was in the INFERNO music video.”

Fans weren’t sure what to believe at first, but their confusion was intensified when Bella added, “should we tell them @Dream,” and Dream replied, “you just did.”

Dream has never shown his face on screen, and that means even the smallest glimpse of what he looks like in real life can be a big deal to some fans.

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People immediately got to work trying to figure out whether he is actually in the video, posting snippets from the video itself or behind-the-scenes clips that they suspected could potentially be Dream.

However, it’s still not totally clear whether the YouTuber actually played some part in the video, or whether they all agreed to play along with the joke in order to tease fans.

Dream has previously explained that he does plan on doing a full face reveal at some point due to the restrictions of being a ‘faceless’ content creator, but it’s not entirely certain when that will be.

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