xQc says male streamers get made fun of for their looks more than women

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xQc argues that male streamers get made fun of for their looks more than women after Pokimane opened up about the “sad truth” of being a woman on Twitch.

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has been on the receiving end of quite a bit of criticism after hitting out at streaming platform Kick for being funded by Stake, a gambling company.

While Anys has been vocally outspoken against the promotion of gambling on streaming sites in the past, her feelings toward Kick have ‘kicked’ up quite a bit of controversy as of late, sparking outrage against her online.

Poki opened up about her experience as a female streamer in the midst of this criticism. She claimed the “sad truth” is that women have a hard time opening up online and saying how they really feel, and use the backlash against her as a metric for how they can expect to be treated by men on the internet.

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Pokimane opened up about the “sad truth” of being a woman online… but Kick star xQc isn’t in agreement with one of her points.

As an example of this, she brought up the time she was publicly lambasted across the internet after going makeup-free in a live stream back in 2018.

“I will never forget one time, I had a girl come up to me, and she was like, ‘Oh, I stream sometimes,'” Anys said in a June 26 broadcast. “She basically said, ‘I’m way too scared to stream without makeup, because I saw what people did to you.’ I was like, that’s so f*cking sad.”

xQc hits back at Pokimane’s claims about “sad truth” of being a female streamer

However, newly-appointed Kick streamer xQc disagrees with her take on the situation. While watching Pokimane’s stream, he claimed that men get piled on for their looks far more than women.

“Chat, can I be honest?” he began. “Guys, maybe I’m wrong about this. I see, by ratio, more male creators getting sh*t on for their looks — like the most edited, baldness, scuffed-ness, garbage — by their own viewers, than anything I see toward female creators.”

“Am I wrong about that?” he continued. “Every streamer I know of, in their entirety, all have pictures of them with pure baldness and dents in their heads and garbage on their face, over and over again.”

At the time of writing, Pokimane has yet to respond to xQc’s take on the matter… but she has commented on the response to her criticisms of Kick, saying “y’all want something to be mad about so bad.”

This is just the latest argument to spawn about the treatment of men versus women in the streaming world following the drama that sparked as a result of Stranger Things star Grace Van Dien joining FaZe earlier this month.

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