Pokimane responds to people confused about how makeup works

After wildly popular streamer Pokimane did a no-makeup stream on October 23, a photo was posted on Twitter showing a side-by-side of her with and without makeup.

For some reason, this picture shocked people who must have assumed that she rolls out of bed in full streaming makeup and hair every morning.

The side-by-side picture has over 1000 retweets and meme variations are popping up on Twitter.

After some questionable debates in the responses to the picture, Pokimane took to Twitter to respond to her critics.

While the initial responses to the photo were a mix of uniformed and hostile, members of the community have come out in support for Pokimane.

Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau posted one popular tweet in response.

Pokimane even replied with a quick word of thanks.

The debate over the photo led to many streamers posting photos without makeup on and a variety of responses ranging from support to accusing people of being virgins.

Lost in all this debate about makeup is a crucial fact: Being an on-camera personality requires makeup 99.9% of the time, for both genders. 

While Twitch isn’t exactly broadcast news, setups like Pokimane’s have light kits and high definition cameras. 

For those setups, makeup is required to stop the face from being shiny and many popular male streamers are using makeup as well to improve their appearance on camera, that’s just a requirement in on-camera professions. 

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