Hasan calls out Adin Ross for celebrating “false copystrikes” on YouTube content

Hasan and adin Ross side-by-side looking at cameraHasan/Adin Ross

Adin Ross is getting called out online for allegedly making false copyright claims against other creators like Hasan Piker, after filing a copystrike against YouTuber Internet Anarchist.

YouTube has a variety of measures in place to ensure that content violating copyright laws can be quickly claimed by the rights holder, and it’s a necessary part of making sure things like full, feature-length movies aren’t published to the platform.

However, there are some side effects to having an accessible copyright system. For years, content creators have been able to make claims against other people’s videos.

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Adin Ross is being called out by multiple creators for celebrating after a copystrike he filed against YouTuber Internet Anarchist wound up losing, according to his tweet about the subject, upwards of $8,000.

Adin Ross allegedly files “false copystrikes” against creators

Internet Anarchist released a video covering the drama that went on between Sneako and penguinz0 (a.k.a. MoistCr1TiKaL), which Adin Ross wasn’t a huge fan of. So much so that he decided to file a copyright strike against the YouTuber.

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That strike has since gone through and Adin Ross celebrated the moment on-stream with his chat, which resulted in people accusing him of filing copystrikes against creators for illegitimate reasons.

Hasan has also called out Adin Ross, saying that he has also had falsely claimed his content in the past.

Adin said on-stream “Put a W in chat, we just stole $8,000 dollars from him. W!”.

Hasan replied by saying Adin Ross is reaching “new levels of stupidity” for celebrating this and drawing attention to the fact that he filed a copystrike against another creator. He also pointed out that he doesn’t know Internet Anarchist despite Adin’s claims that the YouTube is Hasan’s “head mod”.

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This has also led to creators calling out YouTube’s system for being abusable. Adin has yet to respond to these callouts at the time of writing.

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