xQc calls out Adin Ross for trying to be like Andrew Tate: “Really unhealthy”

xQc and Adin Ross on streamxQc / Adin Ross

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has called out fellow streamer Adin Ross for going down an “unhealthy rabbit hole” as he tries to “emulate” controversial influencer Andrew Tate.

Adin Ross is currently one of the hottest names in the streaming world right now.

However, the 22-year-old has had a bit of a rocky relationship with Twitch. Ross has claimed that the Amazon-owned platform is attempting to silence him, and has even threatened to suspend him “indefinitely” for his content.

With him now jumping ship to stream on a different platform, xQc has called him out for trying to copy the controversial social media star Andrew Tate.

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xQc calls out Adin Ross

In a recent February 13 live stream, xQc reacted to Adin’s latest announcement — where he revealed he’ll now be streaming on Kick, believing the platform’s community guidelines will give his content more freedom.

However, the Lengyel had some criticism for Ross, slamming the former Twitch streamer for going down what he calls an “unhealthy rabbit hole” as he tries to “emulate” Andrew Tate.

“Here’s some criticism. I think he’s trying really hard to emulate the things that are happening to Tate, and that Tate is doing, right?

“I think it’s a really unhealthy rabbit hole to go down,” xQc added. “I don’t think he truly wants it, but I don’t think he gets it.”

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He continued: “This is my opinion, I don’t think he understands how these things work and what’s happening, right? But he’s still emulating them.”

It’s no secret that Andrew and Adin have become close over the past year — with the Twitch streamer even being added to the list of people allowed to visit the Tate brothers while they remain in custody.