xQc blocks Adin Ross for sending him a ‘screamer’ over Discord

xQc | Twitch

Adin Ross earned the ire and a block from fellow streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel after he sent xQc a link to a ‘screamer’ over Discord.

Adin Ross and xQc are big names in the streaming world, and they have a bit of a story together. xQc called out Adin multiple times in the past, one time criticizing him for wanting to be like Andrew Tate.

More recently xQc also leaked his private conversation with Adin, showcasing that they are still on talking terms.

However, during a recent xQc stream that relationship might have been damaged by a prank Adin wanted to pull on xQc by sending him a video with extremely loud and sudden audio.

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This type of video or sound file is often called a ‘screamer’ and it may seriously harm your hearing, according to NHS inform repeated exposure to loud noises can lead to developing a serious hearing condition such as Tinnitus.

XQc promptly announced to his viewers he is blocking Adin Ross (most likely on Discord) after playing the loud clip on stream unknowingly.

xQc angry at Adin Ross for his ‘prank’

All of this took place during xQc’s March 19 live stream, and left the streamer and his viewers angry at Adin. “This s**t is f****g stupid,” is what X had to say afterward in relation to the possibly dangerous joke.

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Viewers of the clip similarly were not amused and called Adin out on it.

“Adin is a little boy in a man’s body. Arrested development at about 12 years old,” said one user of r/LivestreamFails. This a sentiment that’s seemingly carried by another viewer who said: “This guy is 22 btw.”

xQc jumpscaredxQc | Twitch
xQc almost jumped out of his chair as a result of Adin Ross’ prank

WARNING: The audio in this clip is extremely loud at around the 8 second mark. Lower your volume to its minimum output.

Other users were less keen to joke given the situation and instead offered a word of warning.

“I used to think the loud s**t was funny back when I was 14 years old. But when you grow up and realize that you only have 1 set of ears and that tinnitus can literally cause you to go insane, then it stops being so funny,” warns one user.

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XQc mentioning Andrew Tate in relation to Adin is not random either — the streamer was even added to the list of people allowed to visit the Tate brothers while they remain in custody.