xQc reveals why he doesn’t want a driver’s license

Bill Cooney
xQc/Blizzard Entertainment

Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel explained to viewers why he doesn’t want a driver’s license right now, despite all the jokes from chat about it.

xQc’s lack of a driver’s license is no secret, but it’s never really been a major issue with things like Uber, and the fact xQc spends the majority of his time streaming at home.

Still, it’s something fans haven’t let the Canadian live down, with jokes about him not having a license popping up on stream.

Now, the former Overwatch pro has explained he doesn’t even want to be able to drive, despite all the jokes at his expense.

No driver’s license? No problem for Felix

During a CS:GO match, xQc told fans he wasn’t concerned about getting a license, even if people used it to rip on him.

“You guys always roast me for not having a license, I don’t want one, I genuinely don’t want one,” Felix told chat. “I’m irresponsible, OK? I can’t even cook sh*t without making a fire.”

“So why would I want to endanger myself and others by being in a car on the street?” the streamer continued. “It is so dumb.”

After explaining his lack of a driver’s license, xQc went back to yelling at his CSGO teammates who had dared to interrupt him.

Felix could get his license one day but for now, he seems content to not be driving around – which might honestly be a good idea if what he says is anything to go by.

Despite not being able to drive, legally, xQc tuned into the Tesla Cybertruck reveal at the request of chat, and buckled in for the ride.

 “What the fu*k,” he said, before bursting out into laughter when the vehicle was revealed. “What the fu*k is that? It looks futuristic, at least.”

The new Tesla truck won’t release until 2022, which is plenty of time for Felix to get his license, if he decides to change his mind.

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