xQc gets emotional after hitting massive Twitch milestone

Twitter: xQc / Twitch

Streaming star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has gotten emotional over hitting 100 million total views on his Twitch channel, reflecting on his rise to stardom and the meaning of milestones.

xQc’s rise to the top of Twitch has been nothing short of meteoric.

Over the two years, he has gone from an audience of hundreds to tens of thousands. Over 20,000 people tune into his stream every day, and he has around 25,000 subscribers on the platform.

His mix of hot takes, good gameplay, and outgoing personality has made him a hit with the platform’s regulars, even if they struggle to understand him at times. He’s now one of the most watched individual streamers on Twitch, hitting the 100 million total views milestone on November 19, and worth millions to the platform.

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Stardom hasn’t changed a single thing about the self-titled “French-Canadian cucklord,” but once in a while he even has to stop and smell the roses of success.

Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentxQc went from pro player to streaming phenom in under two years.

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On a November 20 stream, xQc broke down what it means to hit such massive numbers over the course of the year, and even got a bit emotional over the whole thing. While he’s a firm believer in that numbers aren’t everything, he thinks it’s important to celebrate your achievements.

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“Listen chat, we don’t get hooked up here on numbers too much numbers don’t really mean a lot,” said xQc. “When you think about numbers, you get detached and it creates a distance you kind of lose touch.

“But every once in a while, it’s always okay to have a pit stop where you stop for like five seconds to look at and say “it’s a milestone.” It’s kind of therapeutic, a token of progress.”

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Can’t load the video below? Click this link and skip to 23:31.

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However, milestones haven’t always been a good thing for xQc. He once believed that every milestone was a limit, rather than a story of success, and that after he hit each individual one, he was bound to fail the next.

“I’m not kidding, there was a time where I didn’t like milestones at all because every time I reached a milestone I was like “that’s it, that’s it,”” he said. 

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“Every time we hit like 100 subs, 250, 500, 1,000, it was always bittersweet because I was like “holy sh*t we got this many subs” and it’s gonna suck at the same time because I think that’s it, that was the end and we’d plateau. There was no way someone would want to hang out with some French-Canadian cucklord playing main tank in a f*cking dead game.”

SullyGnomexQc’s Twitch channel is currently the most watched stream in the last 14 days since November 20.

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It wasn’t just an earlier streamer thing either. When he was well onto his way into people’s living rooms around the world, he was still worried that one day he’d wake up and it would all be over.

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“At 2,000, I was like we’ve done it, there was no way dude, it does not go up from here, and tomorrow it’ll go down. Then we got 3,000, and 5,000, And every time there was another slice above, I always thought about that.”

However, he eventually hit a point where he just stopped believing in the numbers being a hurdle to trip on. Instead, they become a point of celebration every single time, and a great way to reflect and be grateful for his success.

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“Even at like 15,000, 20,000, I always felt the same way, and it kinda made me realise that I don’t know, I wish I had some wisdom here. I guess sometimes, even if you can’t see it, you can still push forwards and you’ll get there regardless, you’ve just gotta believe.”

There’s a lot to look back on and be glad about, regardless of numbers and public criticism. He’s put smiles on millions of faces around the world with his hilarious antics over the last three years, and that’s something to be proud of regardless of numbers. 

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It’s unlikely he will ever hit that plateau he was so petrified of, and his reach will only grow further as he knocks down more milestones like this one.

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