xQc reveals “secret formula” YouTube needs to take over Twitch

Dylan Horetski. Last updated: Dec 01, 2021
xQc thinks youtube should buy more groups of streamers like OTK or OfflineTV
Twitch: xQcOW

xQc believes he has the “secret formula” for YouTube if they want to take over Twitch in the streaming world. 

It’s no secret that YouTube has been investing in the live-streaming aspect of their website, with some of Twitch’s biggest stars like Ludwig and TimTheTatman signing exclusive contracts with the Google-owned website in recent months.

However, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel believes that in order to take over the purple-themed platform, YouTube Gaming needs to make a big move — and he believes he has the answer.

It’s going to cost them, though.

xQc reveals YouTube Gaming secret formula

While watching a clip of Pokimane talking about YouTube versus Twitch during his November 30 stream, xQc explained that he believes YouTube Gaming needs to make a big move to “pop off.”

He said: “They have to buy a group, a community or whatever. Facebook’s trying to buy [GTA RP streamers] but they’re doing it poorly picking one streamer at a time.”


“If YouTube wanted to make a big move, they’d buy OTV or OTK, and it’s the whole conglomerate of people,” the former Overwatch pro added.

“But the problem with that is, it’s going to be expensive.”

YouTube Gaming first signed 100 Thieves co-owner CouRage in November 2019 and has since brought over Valkyrae, DrLupo, TimTheTatman, and most recently, Ludwig, from Twitch.

Ludwig’s announcement on November 29 shocked many of his fans who believed the streamer would never switch platforms since he’s considered the “golden boy of Twitch.”

During his first stream after the big move, the creator revealed that he originally didn’t want to change destination. However, during his negotiations, he came to the realization that the Amazon-owned website didn’t seem to love him being there enough, making the decision to move across easier.

Not only that, but the streamer also revealed plans for the biggest Smash tournament in history, which he says would be easier to pull off on YouTube.

Shortly after, TimTheTatman revealed that he had very similar motives for his switch to YouTube.