Dr Disrespect demands answers after seeing xQc’s Doc towel in Twitch streaming room

xQc sleepTwitch/xQc

Dr Disrespect was left quite curfuffled after noticing that Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel had a towel with his face on it in his streaming room – and he wants answers.

Twitch icon xQc has had quite a variety of streaming rooms over the years with his latest featuring a Dr Disrespect towel hanging up in the background.

Doc was banned from Twitch for an unknown reason back in 2020 and since then there have been plenty of unofficial, humorous attempts to bring him back through cosplays and creatively inventive broadcasts that bypass rules about banned streamers.

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During an October 31 broadcast, the two-time tuned into the French Canadian’s stream with xQc’s dad in control of the setup and was left wondering why he had the towel and what its purpose was.

Dr Disrespect baffled by xQc’s two-time towel

After loading up the broadcast, Doc began pondering about xQc’s use for the towel and started theory-crafting the ways the former Overwatch pro would utilize it.

“You don’t use me to dry off, do you, X?” asked Doc. “Or when you go to the beach, is that the towel you use? I need to know the purpose of this thing.”

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(clip begins at 1:31:05)

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It wasn’t long before the two-time began rounding off a number of ways his towel could be used, from it being a jacuzzi towel to getting action only when the streamer goes to a water park.

“When you go down one of those fast water slides and all the little chubby cheeks are at the bottom and you go right through them, because you say ‘f**k this lifeguard,’ and you’re going right through?” the Champions Club leader brainstormed.

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Perhaps inadvertently, Doc then suggested xQc uses the towel to clean his car. Adept, xQc’s ex-girlfriend recently confirmed that his $300k McLaren is registered in her name and thereby legally hers.

Nonetheless, the two-time was left with more questions than answers, ending his rant by stating he “needs to know the purpose of this towel,” even pondering if he was using it as a shrine.

So far, xQc has yet to respond to Dr Disrespect, but hopefully, he can give everyone an answer soon or risk facing Doc’s signature violence, speed, and momentum.

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