xQc reveals he’s had to move again to escape doxxing problems

Emma Hill

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has moved home once again, this time returning to his native Canada. The 25-year-old is regularly having to change his address due to constant doxxing problems. 

As the world’s most popular Twitch streamer, xQc enjoys the various benefits of the role, including being able to afford his large collection of luxury supercars.

However, being in the public eye has its drawbacks. One of the biggest problems that xQc has faced is being doxxed on numerous occasions forcing him to constantly move home.

xQc has now moved once again back to his home country of Canada. Although, as with all his moves, it will only be for a short time.

xQc streaming
xQc has experienced numerous doxxing problems in the past which has forced him to regularly relocate.

xQc moves back to Canada

On May 16, xQc announced on Twitter that had arrived back in Canada after moving locations around the US to evade any doxxing problems.

“Back in Canada for a little while,” xQc said. “New set up [again]. Nick and his girlfriend helped me a bunch to get started ASAP. Everything is back to normal with better schedules.”

It comes after xQc’s original home has come under attack on numerous occasions after trolls found his address. For example, he previously claimed that he was being raided by armed police on a daily basis. As well as this, a man with a crowbar also invaded his home.

It’s unclear whether a particular doxxing incident has forced xQc to relocate again. However, fans on Twitter explained that it was all part of his plan to relocate for “security reasons.”

In order to escape his location being leaked and risk his home being attacked, xQc has been staying in Air BnBs for temporary periods.

xQc hasn’t clarified how long he will stay in Canada before he moves on to his next location. Although, his new setup, complete with a grass-covered wall and neon lights, has already proved a hit among his viewers.