xQc reveals he was forced to move after armed man broke into his house

xqc explains man with a crowbar broke into his houseTwitch/xQc

Legendary Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel revealed more details about why he was forced to move houses, explaining that at one point a man armed with a crowbar broke into his house looking for him.

During his July 14 Twitch stream return from a new location, xQc delved into the madness that was happening behind the scenes at both his old house and Sodapoppin’s.

Previously, xQc said that he had to move out after experiencing daily police swattings. The rough encounters got to a point where Lengyel legitimately began to fear for his life, resulting in him moving out.

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As it turns out, however, the swattings may have had the opposite effect than what people would think.

“When I said the house was getting swatted a lot, it does the exact opposite of what you think it would do,” he said. “It kinda gets worse believe it or not.”

According to Lengyel, he thinks that living with people puts them in danger as the madness didn’t stop when he moved into Sodapoppin’s place. In fact, it got even crazier.

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“The swatting was happening a lot and then some person went to my old house and broke into it with a crowbar. And apparently he was looking for me!” the French Canadian revealed. “So, at that point it was like holy f**k, that’s pretty crazy.”

“Weird sh*t started happening at Soda’s house too,” he added. “I felt like it was unfair for everybody around me that I’m putting them in danger.”

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A bit later on in the stream, xQc dug more into the armed intruder’s motives.

“He was asking for me or some sh*t. He was yelling that I owned something of his or whatever,” Felix shrugged. “I looked at all my DMs and there was nothing, so I don’t really understand it. He kinda just came out of nowhere.”

The former Overwatch League pro also noted he might just end up selling his house because he just wants to stream and have fun without having to worry about all these weird things happening to him.

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Hopefully, wherever xQc moves permanently into next won’t have all these bizarre issues and he can get on with his streaming career in peace.

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