xQc reduces fan to tears with an early Christmas gift

Meera Jacka
xQc reduces fan to tears with an early Christmas gift

A “wholesome” interaction has gone viral after xQc reduced a fan to tears after gifting him an early Christmas present.

Ever since Omegle’s reign over the internet ended, streamers have been using Monkey Chat to interact with strangers.

Namely, xQc has been live-streaming his time on the app via Kick, though more often than not, the conversations have ended in insults being exchanged.

Now, however, a “wholesome” moment has gone viral after a young fan asked the popular streamer for an early Christmas present — and his wish was granted.

Stumbling onto xQc while on the app with a friend, the boy instantly recognized the “big ass streamer,” taking the opportunity to grab a photo as proof of the interaction.

The boy then asked if he could be gifted a “PC for Christmas,” to which xQc said, “If you show me around and you’re broke, I’ll actually get you one.”

“I swear to God, on my life, I’m not just begging for one ‘cause I just want to be on YouTube,” the boy said, revealing he had hopes of becoming a streamer himself. This was evidently enough to convince xQc, who sent the boy enough money for PC.

xQc gifts boy a PC for christmas
The boy promised to send xQc a photo of his PC once he had bought it.

Moved to tears, the boy repeatedly thanked xQc for the gift, who simply responded with, “You’re all good man. It cost nothing to me… and it does a lot for you so I’m glad to do it, man.”

The interaction quickly went viral, with viewers touched by the kind act. One person wrote, “That’s the most wholesome thing I have seen [xQc] do.”

Another said, “Wholesome. Props to xQc for making that kid’s Christmas a whole lot better.”

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