xQc pleads with IRL stream sniper’s mom for money to ride Ferris wheel


Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel had an interesting experience at a Christmas-themed fair when he, along with fellow streamers Adept and Reckful, resorted to asking strangers for tokens in order to go on rides.

The streaming trio headed towards a Ferris wheel when they were alerted that they needed tokens in order to enjoy the rides. Unfortunately, tokens could only be acquired through physical money – something none of the three broadcasters had on them.

After learning about tokens, a random stranger proceeded to give xQc some extras – but not enough for the rest of his group to join him on the Ferris wheel.

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Eventually, Reckful and xQc decided they could resort to trading things with strangers at the fair for currency or tokens – all because either an ATM wasn’t accessible, its rates were too high or they flat out didn’t want to use one.

The holiday shenanigans finally reached their thrilling conclusion when xQc spotted a stream sniper he saw earlier, and ran up to him and his mother. The French Canadian proceeded to tell the young man he would exchange a subscription for cash that he would use to get tokens.

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Although the viewer agreed to trade with Felix, he unfortunately did not have any money on him, leading to a bit of an awkward situation for a brief moment.

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“We need four dollars,” the former Overwatch League star said as the viewer walked towards his mother. “This is bad. I feel really bad doing this. I never go outside.”

Luckily for xQc and his viewer, the boy’s mother pulled out her wallet to find some change. “Sorry for making you pull out your wallet. It’s very weird,” Felix apologized.

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A few moments later the viewer’s mother found five dollars and gave it to Lengyel and his friends.

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“Thank you so much. You saved the stream!” Reckful laughed, which was then echoed by xQc who repeated the praise.

As it turns out, being a Twitch celebrity has its benefits in real life when you’re in dire need of cash go on carnival rides.

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