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xQc gets outplayed by Twitch viewers with perfectly timed donation

Published: 15/Dec/2019 18:28

by Scott Robertson


Former Overwatch pro and popular Twitch streamer xQc isn’t shy about giving it as good as he gets to his viewers, but in the middle of going in on one viewer, a perfectly timed donation got him right back.

The right donation in the wrong place can make all the difference in a stream. For xQc, the very end of his ten-hour December 14 stream went very wrong as a result of two donation messages.

During his Counter-Strike match, an anonymous $3 donation came in, asking him to complete an impossible task of losing every match at the Overwatch World Cup, before interrupting itself to make fun of Felix for already doing that, and then insulting him some more.


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A visibly annoyed and insulted xQc wasted little time in firing back at the anonymous donator, questioning what they were doing with their own life while he was competing on stage for the Overwatch World Cup.

“So when I was at World Cup, competing and trying to do something with my life, and trying to reach a certain goal, what were you doing that was so important worth highlighting and undermining me? What were you doing?”

But as he screamed out the answer to his own question, another viewer chimed in with their own donation that lined up perfectly with xQc’s response.


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Despite being outplayed by his own fans, even xQc seemed a little amused, chuckling as he asked who did it. His chat was left in hysterics, as LUL spams came pouring in.

xQc appeared more annoyed at the first donation, which is reasonable given what happened at the most recent Overwatch World Cup. He and the rest of Team Canada didn’t win any of their group stage series, and only took one map, against the Netherlands.

But, at least xQc doesn’t have an empty World Cup cabinet, as Team Canada claimed silver medals in 2017 and bronze in 2018. He also took home MVP honors in 2017, and helped Canada secure the honor of being the second-best national team that year, behind the impossibly dominant South Korean roster.


Robert Paul /Blizzard
xQc raised the T-Mobile MVP award at the 2017 OW World Cup

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Even so, the tough outing at this year’s World Cup is a rare blemish on what’s been a standout 2019 for him. The former Overwatch League pro saw a meteoric rise on the Twitch platform, as it looks like he’ll end the year with the highest active sub count.

Various Twitch tracking sites give different numbers, but they all list him in the range of 30k-35k active subscriptions, and all list him as having the top spot in subs as of now.

Even when people are insulting him, they have to pay a minimum of $3 in order for text-to-speech to be utilized, so if you’re going to be roasted like that, at least he’s making some money from it.