xQc reveals multi-million gambling losses on new podcast with Pokimane: “I’m addicted”

Dave Deiley

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys and Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel have finally delivered on the podcast the two have been promising, diving deep into topics across their lives. The very first episode saw xQc reveal an unreal gambling loss for the past month as he openly admitted to ‘addiction.’

After a series of missteps, May 1 saw Twitch giants xQc and Pokimane get together on Poki’s stream for a 4-hour long chat. During this conversation, xQc let loose that throughout April he lost a staggering $1.85 million while gambling.

Pulling apart recent revelations that Felix has confessed he faces serious issues with his gambling, the duo went in on the gambling meta currently dominating Twitch.

Pokimane started with the relatively innocuous question: “Would you have as much fun gambling if you were doing it off-stream as on stream?” Leading xQc to openly reiterate how he views his gambling. “Yeah, I’m addicted… I gamble every day.”

This is not the first time xQc has been open about his gambling. Previously stating: “every game I play, I gamble.”

After revealing how often he gambles, xQc went on to disclose the full extent of how much he puts at stake. “I lost 1.85 mil last month,” he said.

The two went into a back and forth about the ethics of gambling, especially in the public stream sphere. Pokimane directly derided xQc’s choices, arguing: “When you stream yourself gambling, you’re negatively impacting your viewers.”

Continuing her train of thought, Poki brought a heavier distinction between gambling and taking money for advertising gambling to viewers. “When it comes to taking gambling sponsorships that’s literally just your viewer’s money.”

Making it clear that he wasn’t defending the moral implications of gambling on or off-stream, xQc replied “It’s a bad thing, I’m not against it.”

Tossing gambling in with other vices he put forth the idea: “I think you shouldn’t be drinking excessively, and you shouldn’t be taking alcohol sponsors on stream, I think it’s bad. I still do it.”

xQc brought his attention to the general ideas of how streamers profit off of their viewers by saying: “It’s like a spectrum of bad. It’s like taking a sponsorship for a game you know is complete asscrack. You know it’s bad but you still do it.”

Diving back into the moral stance that Felix has, Poki questioned: “Do you still do gambling sponsorships?.” Clarifying that he doesn’t take sponsorships for gambling, Lengyel replied: “I just gamble off-stream.

“I’m on a down streak,” he reminded fans, before closing out the section with his viewpoint on why gambling attracts viewers: “I think people enjoy watching money being de-printed.”

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