xQc admits his gambling addiction is getting out of hand: “I’m ill”

xQc streamingTwitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has shared the extent of his gambling addiction when gaming, to the point that he ends up gambling in “every game” he plays. Although he admitted his addiction is an illness, he also explained that he “can afford to be ill.”

Twitch heavyweight xQc has livestreamed a variety of games during his time as a content creator. As if his Elden Ring and online Chess playthroughs aren’t enough to pull in the views, he’s also a fan favorite for his reactions and outbursts on his Just Chatting streams.

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One particular piece of content that xQc tends to feature is Gambling Simulator. However, the streamer has expressed his fears about his obsession with the game and his gambling addiction in the past.

Now, xQc has once again addressed the issue, only it isn’t just limited to Gambling Simulator, but in “every game” he plays.

xQc streamingTwitch: xQc
xQc has been open with his gambling obsession in the past saying he gets addicted “very, very easily.”

xQc says he’s addicted to “everything” he does

On April 25, xQc explained that he gambles at every opportunity he gets when playing a game. “Every game I play all I do is gamble,” the streamer said. “GTA, I gamble. Gambling Simulator, I do the whole game gambling. Everywhere I go, I just gamble.”

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xQc’s comments come after the streamer erupted after viewers accused him of wasting “their” money on an arcade game and compared it to his gambling addiction.

“I have one of the biggest most insanely addictive personalities you’ll ever find,” the streamer said. “I’m addicted to everything I do.”

Despite admitting that his personality should make him stay away from sites such as Gambling Simulator, it looks like xQc won’t be backing down any time soon.

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“I’m just easily addicted so I just shouldn’t gamble. I still do it. Is that good? No, that’s terrible. That’s illness! That’s illness. That’s ill, I’m ill,” the screamer yelled. “But you know what, I can afford to be ill! I’m lucky!”

xQc isn’t too fazed about his addiction, saying he “likes” gambling and has the money to do it. However, he emphasized that he was aware that there are others who are not so fortunate, and so should avoid gambling in this way.

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