xQc loses it after being denied at the last second in custom Squid Game mode

xQc next to Squid Game figureTwitch: xQc / Netflix

Twitch powerhouse Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel launched into a trademark rant during his October 30 stream after a fellow player made sure he was hilariously denied success in a custom Squid Game mode. 

Squid Game has been one of the cultural phenomenons of 2021. The dystopian South Korean series premiered on Netflix to acclaim from both audiences and critics alike, with many comparing it to a darker and more graphic Hunger Games.

Since its explosion in popularity, we’ve seen ambitious crossovers of all kinds, with YouTubers seeking to recreate the show IRL and Apex Legends fans conceptualizing Wraith skins inspired by the show’s look.

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The gaming community has certainly embraced the show, with plenty of custom mini-games emerging to emulate the show’s tension and deadly levels.

Squid Game on NetflixNetflix
Squid Game has been a runaway success for Netflix.

Playing one of the aforementioned games on stream, the round xQc found himself in was akin to ‘Red Light Green Light’ – a simple round in which players have to sneak up on a large figure who periodically turns to face them. Any players caught moving once the figure has turned are promptly taken out by gunfire.

It was generally going well for the former Overwatch pro, who was closing in on the final steps. However, it all went wrong when a fellow player knocked Lengyel’s character as he was about to cross the finishing line, seeing him explode in a bloody blur.

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The fiery streamer then launched into one of his trademark rants, banning the player in question and stepping away from his setup: “This is f**king cooked. F**k this game, it’s so f**king bad!”

His frustrations were not entirely matched by his chat, with many subsequently spamming ‘OMEGALUL’ at the streamer’s misfortune.

The emotions on display are why xQc possesses such a fervent reputation, and why so many viewers consistently flock to his streams, regardless of what he’s playing.