TimTheTatman calls out “pay to win” Twitch over controversial paid boost feature

TimTheTatman next to Twitch paid boost featureTimTheTatman / Twitch

YouTube streamer Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar has hit out at Twitch as a “mobile game” and “pay to win,” following the addition of the streaming platform’s controversial paid boost feature.

YouTube’s recent assault on Twitch’s streaming monopoly is the latest twist in a saga seeing new platforms trying to increase their influence in the burgeoning community. Where Mixer failed, YouTube looks to be succeeding.

With CouRage and Valkyrae (among others) already streaming on the video platform, TimTheTatman became arguably the biggest name to sign an exclusivity deal when he left Twitch in September.

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He has already outlined why he believes YouTube Gaming is a better home for streamers than Twitch and, on October 29, he hit out at Amazon’s streaming platform for the addition of a new controversial feature.

YouTube Gaming has been picking up a whole host of Twitch creators in recent months.

The feature in question allows users to pay to boost specific streams to other users. It has received a fair amount of criticism from Twitch’s own creators, but the site has carried on and added it regardless.

While he is no longer streaming on the platform, TimTheTatman did join the chorus of those criticizing the move.

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“What I said was, what’s gonna stop me from boosting my stream and then running ads?” he commented.

When he was told that there is nothing to stop the feature from being used that way, he continued: “[It’s] pay to win bro. Literally a mobile game.”

Betar joins other huge names in criticizing the feature. xQc, for example, described it as the “worst idea” he’s ever seen. Despite the concerns, Twitch has moved ahead with the feature and it is gradually rolling out to users.

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How it ages and how long it remains is still unclear, but Tim seems relieved that YouTube does not have a comparable feature.

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