Squid Game comes to Apex Legends with fan-made Wraith skin concept

Alex Garton
Squid Game soldier Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment/Netflix

An Apex Legends player has created a Squid Game-inspired Wraith skin and it’s got the entire community desperate for an official crossover.

Since its release back in mid-September Squid Game has become Netflix’s most popular show ever, receiving widespread praise from critics and viewers alike.

So, it’s no surprise a lot of people want to see their favorite gaming franchise do a crossover with the huge TV series.

Well, one Apex Legends player has decided to take the collaboration into their own hands and create an impressive Wraith cosmetic based on the soldiers in Squid Game.

The crossover trailer has gone viral in the Apex community, and players are desperate for Respawn to organize an official collab in the future.

Squid Game Soldiers
Apex Legends Season 11 drops on November 2.

Fan-made Apex Legends Squid Game crossover goes viral

It’s safe to say a lot of the outfits in Squid Game would be perfect in-game cosmetics in Apex Legends and humansas recognized exactly that.

The 3D designer decided to create a Squid Game Wraith skin, mirroring the triangle masks from the TV series.

Using a pink and light blue color scheme, the skin looks absolutely incredible and captures the appearance of the soldiers perfectly.

Not only that, humansas even created their very own crossover trailer, showcasing the cosmetic in action and giving players a true perspective of what it would look like in-game.

It didn’t take long for the post to go viral in the Apex community and receive an overwhelming amount of praise.

With humansas taking the time to create a custom trailer, it definitely made the presentation feel like an official crossover.

Despite the excitement around this fan-made collab, Apex players will be focused on the upcoming Season 11 update coming on November 2.

However, it’s clear there’s a lot of demand for a Squid Game crossover, so we’ll have to see if Respawn can make it happen.