xQc hits back at Logan Paul doubting his $100m Kick deal is “real”

Connor Bennett
Logan Paul and xQc side-by-side talking into mics

Streaming star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has responded to Logan Paul after the imPaulsive podcast host claimed his $100 million deal with Kick is not totally “real.”

When Kick arrived on the scene at the end of 2022, they immediately looked to make inroads into the livestreaming market. The Stake-backed platform, which looks identical to Twitch, signed a number of streamers right away as they’re allowed to gamble and have significantly better revenue splits. 

The latest of these big-name signings has been xQc. The former Overwatch star is allowed to split his time between Twitch and Kick after signing a non-exclusive deal with the latter worth a reported $100 million.

That deal has already created plenty of buzz with other creators, including Logan Paul, who offered his services to Kick for a similar price because he doesn’t believe xQc’s deal is totally “real.”

xQc responds to Logan Paul over Kick deal doubt

Well, xQc responded to the YouTuber-turned-WWE wrestler during his July 5 stream, noting that creators like to downplay the success of others even though they’ll constantly hype their own deals up. 

“I feel like when people boast about their stuff, it’s maxed out the wazoo but when they judge other people’s stuff, it’s always taxes, this state, that. I don’t know why people do that,” the streaming star said. 

“It’s why I talk about all the taxes all the time. I’m a f*cking tax nerd. Bro, I cook myself on taxes and s*it because that’s just how it is, taxes are for everybody. And if you’re going to boast about not paying taxes, you’re tax evading and some s*it, I don’t know what to tell you.”

xQc added that he found it “odd” how Logan doubts the deal and that he’s approaching things in a “weird” way – especially as he claimed Ninja’s deal with Mixer was never paid after it was shuttered. Ninja ultimately did get paid.

“I just think it’s odd. It’s just a weird way to approach things dude. I get it, they’re joking, but there’s still servility there, come on man,” he added. 

It’s hardly like the two are going to get into an extended back-and-forth, seeing as Logan has things like Prime and working with the WWE to focus on.

Who knows, if he ever makes the move to Kick, it could flare up, but even that seems pretty unlikely.

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