xQc hits back at “extremely envious” streamer criticizing Kick deals 

Alice Sjöberg
xQc calls out Aussie streamer

xQc has received a lot of criticism from fellow streamers after accepting a $100 million deal with Kick. Most recently an Australian streamer express their thoughts on the matter, which led xQc to hit back at him for being “extremely envious” of it.

Kick’s rise has been a touchy subject in the streaming world, especially now that the Stake-backed platform has signed a few top-name streamers. Their move to sign xQc to a non-exclusive deal has once again intensified the conversation around it.

A number of streamers have criticized the platform, including Mathil1, as he joined fellow Aussie Quin69 on his June 25 stream. During that stream, Quin asked Mathil for his thoughts on Kick and the deals they’ve handed out. “Every single one of those people are sub-human scum,” said Mathil about those who have joined.

Although acknowledging Quin’s admiration for xQc, the Australian further labeled the popular streamer and others that have switched to Kick as “straight-up evil.” xQc later came across a clip of the two streamers discussing him and his Kick deal and decided to watch it live on his stream on June 26.

xQc hits back and calls Mathil1 “extremely envious”

In response to the Aussie’s conversation, the streaming star argued that the way Mathil expressed his thoughts made him appear envious.

“I’m gonna be honest with you, there are a lot of ways to manifest and to argue something, or make a point about something. This just comes across as extremely envious, almost,” xQc said. “Because there are a lot of loaded words that intend something. A lot of the words that he’s using are loaded, to go somewhere.

“And when you load all your f**king spears angled towards something, it’s a beat that comes from a root, and that root often is gonna be jealousy, envy, and insecurity.”

xQc continued: “I don’t mean to call him out or anything, but when you use loaded words angled in a certain way, usually jealousy, envy, and insecurity, it’s like the trifecta of human awakeness, and it’s a thing that people do when they feel certain ways. That’s just how it is.”

While some have an obvious issue with Kick, it’s believed that more top streamers will be joining the platform, with site co-owner Trainwrecks recently teasing that several more massive signings are on the way.

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