xQc reveals highest amount of money earned from just one year of streaming

Josh Taylor
xQc being interviewed by Natestakkzz

Twitch and Kick star xQc has revealed the most he has earned from streaming in a single year was $9 million dollars.

On April 6, xQc was approached by social media street interviewer natestakkzz while he was visiting Miami to answer some questions about himself.

During the start of the interview, the streamer stated his creator name and when asked what he does for a living, he said: “I stream and make videos and stuff, you know.”

The interviewer then asked: “What’s the most amount of money you have generated through that 9 years of streaming?”

xQc responded: “I think it’s public right, yeah it was leaked. It was like errr 9,” and when asked to clarify what he meant, he confirmed the most he had earned in a single year was $9 million dollars from streaming alone.

Natestakkzz later posed the question: “What would you say is the biggest obstacle you’ve been through while streaming?”

After shortly hesitating, “People. People are s***ty a lot of times you know, so like, finding like who cares about you, enemies, friendly friends, picking and choosing,” the Twitch star replied.

Many fans have since chimed in on xQc’s viral clip. Some roasted him for being caught off guard, “my goat didn’t know what to say,” while others took shots at his claims that he “makes videos.”

A number of viewers also called him out for claiming he was playing down his earnings, “we all know it’s more than 9 million wtf.” However, various fans answered back: “That’s 9 million off of subs, donos and ads off Twitch alone not including YouTube.”

xQc also signed his famous $100 million lucrative Kick deal, has long been a co-owner of the iconic NoPixel GTA RP server, had various major sponsorship deals over the years and much more earnings.

This makes it hard to quantify precisely how much he makes each year overall, but xQc certainly isn’t short of cash.