Dr Disrespect uninstalls Warzone yet again after being repeatedly harassed by stream sniper

Dr Disrespect uninstalls Warzone yet again after being repeatedly harassed by stream sniperActivision / Dr Disrespect

One of gaming’s most iconic personalities Dr Disrepsect has uninstalled Warzone once more after getting harassed over and again by a stream sniper.

Stream sniping has been a huge issue when it comes to battle royales and, more specifically, in Warzone.

With no streamer mode in the battle royale, it makes it quite hard for personalities and pros to hide from people targeting them.

Despite Dr Disrespect’s effort to continuously give Warzone a chance, he could be taking a break from the game.

Dr Disrespect looks stunned while playing Warzone.YouTube: Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect may have reached his breaking point with Warzone after being stream sniped by the same player.

Dr Disrespect uninstalls Warzone after being stream sniped

We have seen the two-time lose his mind when it comes to playing Warzone but this latest occurrence could be the last straw.

While running around Verdansk Dr Disrespect gets into a gunfight with another player but ends up being third partied by someone else that turns out to be someone who constantly stream snipes him.

In the clip you can hear him say, “He’s always f**king stream sniping man,  you p***y. He’s got 50 million of the same account.”

While this appears to just be someone looking to ruin Doc’s day there have also been reports of a bounty system that is being put on streamers.

There are hackers getting paid to stream snipe players until they turn off their broadcast or just rage uncontrollably. While it is unknown if Doc has fallen victim to this it could be a possibility.

A few moments later, the two-time decided enough was enough. After losing his Gulag fight he immediately quit out of the game and uninstalled Warzone.

Doc said, “Get it out of here! Yes, uninstall get it out, get it the f**k off here.” Even though we have heard him say he’s done with the game before, it seems that this was the breaking point.

For now, Dr Disrespect plans to find a different game that offers violence, speed, and momentum but who knows, we could always see him back on Warzone when the RICOCHET anti-cheat is implemented with the Pacific map.