TimTheTatman offers to buy notorious Warzone stream sniper a car in bizarre encounter

TimTheTatman WarzoneTwitch/Twitter, TimTheTatman

After taking seven days away from playing Warzone, TimTheTatman decided to come back with a few rounds of solo-spectating while talking to his community. In his first round, the game sticks him with a very familiar name.

After getting fed up with hackers and deciding to take a week away from Warzone, TimTheTatman has officially made his return to the popular battle royale. Stating on his August 16 stream: “I’ve had the itch to play Warzone”.

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Initiating his return, the popular streamer decided to start his stream off with what he calls “solo-spectating” in which he spawns into a game and immediately dies.

Doing this allows the streamer to spectate other players in the lobby, giving Tim the time to hang out and chat.

Much to his amusement, the streamer immediately gets paired with a player by the name of “[DAD]Buy Me A Car” — a player who has gained notoriety by stream-sniping him.

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TimTheTatman sat at his streaming setupTwitch: TimTheTatman
TimTheTatman is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers

TimTheTatman gives him an incredible offer

After realizing who he was spectating, the Warzone veteran decides to make an offer to the stream sniper: “Alright, Buy me a car, are you ready for this bro? Here, get out cuz I need you to understand what I’m about to tell you” he says, before telling the player that if he wins the game he will give him $2,000 to put towards a used car.

Going on to explain to his chat that he feels someone getting their first car shouldn’t go straight for a brand new car, he believes he just needs a “bad” car to start learning. Not in the sense that it’s junk, but in the sense that he knows someone getting their first car will likely beat it up so buying used is best.

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The hilarious rejection

After offering $2,000 and getting a confirmation from the player that he agrees to the offer, he continues spectating while having a conversation with his stream’s chat about their first cars.

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A few minutes of watching “Buy Me A Car” drive around in a truck went by, before TimTheTatman says to chat: “Guys! I don’t care what you say, $2,000 will get Buy Me A Car a solid used car” – and then the player throws a curveball to everyone in the stream.

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The stream sniper stepped out and shook theiur gun side to side — signaling that he disagrees with his statement. Tim asks: “I’m sorry, did you just shake your head no?” in which the player steps out and signals yes.

Tim then continues on, yelling about how he “better be grateful” that he’s gotten an offer at all.

Seconds later, “Buy Me A Car” stops and steps out of the truck. With a confused look on his face, Tim asks: “What are you doing Buy Me A Car?”

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“Buy Me A Car” jumps into the water —and off of the map— falling to their death. Tim continues on ranting about how ungrateful some people are and that he will regret not taking up his offer, but we have no way of finding out if that’s true.

We’ll have to wait until next time, when the stream sniper inevitably returns.

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