xQc explodes in hilarious rant over Twitch fans who stop watching his streams

xQc in his new Twitch streaming house.Twitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has flown off the handle at his Twitch chat after one fan said they weren’t going to watch anymore, with the French-Canadian star declaring he “doesn’t give a f**k” anymore if people stop watching his streams.

Twitch’s biggest streamer has explained why he doesn’t care about viewers quitting his streams anymore, and why he “never wants to hear about them” again.

Lengyel has risen to the top of Twitch in 2021, dominating streaming metrics, viewer counts, and subscriber hauls across the board. He regularly rakes in more than 80k viewers per broadcast ⁠— which he hosts basically every day ⁠— and climbed to 9.7m followers this year.

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The rise has changed xQc’s perspective on fans.

Where once he cared if even one loyal fan stopped watching, Lengyel explained, now he “doesn’t give a f**k” and doesn’t even want to hear when they leave.

Twitch: xQc
One bold Twitch fan set Lengyel off into a rant about losing viewers.

The top Twitch star broached the subject ⁠— rather aggressively, Dexerto might add ⁠— in a December 29 stream, when one of his viewers declared they had decided not to re-subscribe because they were quitting his streams.

According to xQc, he couldn’t care in the slightest.

“You know, I used to think that was a big deal,” he replied. “I would be like, man, ah, that hurt me, this guy stopped watching me? I questioned like, am I just bad? Did I fall off? Why wouldn’t they want to watch anymore?

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And suddenly, the French-Canadian star flew off the handle. “I realized,” xQc yelled, “I don’t give a sh*t! Yeah, I don’t give a f**k if you don’t come back. They stay behind, we go forward, we move. We keep moving. They want to stay behind like a bunch of bitches? Do that, we go forward. F**k them hoes.

“If you guys want to stop watching, stop subbing, then don’t come tell me about it,” he continued. “I don’t give a sh*t motherf**kers! That’s what I’m saying.”

Lengyel’s hilarious December 29 outburst comes just days after he blindsided fans with a demand for them to “subscribe to smaller streamers” rather than him.

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The popular French-Canadian streamer surprised his fans, and many in the Twitch community, when he explained: “There used to be a time where all my revenue, and all the money the stream made, came from people’s contributions. Subs, donos, bits. But these days… it’s not even close. Money comes from corporate and other parties that are not chat.”

“If you guys watch smaller streamers,” xQc went on to tell his huge Twitch chat, “subscribe to these guys and use your Prime [subscriptions] for smaller streamers.”