xQc surprises fans with plea to subscribe to other streamers instead

xQc on stream with Twitch logoTwitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, one of Twitch’s most popular creators, left his audience stunned during a recent broadcast when he encouraged them to donate and subscribe to other, smaller Twitch streamers, rather than him. 

When it comes to the most popular streamers on Twitch, former Overwatch pro xQc has become a stalwart of the list. While he can now be found variety streaming, his fiery personality and trademark charisma make him a go-to channel for viewers all across the world.

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He currently sits at just shy of 10 million followers, with his streams regularly pulling in upwards of 50,000 viewers. With numbers like that, one can assume he makes eye-watering amounts every month as a result of viewer subscriptions and donations.

While that may be true, his stream took a surprising turn on December 18, as the Canadian told his viewers to invest their money elsewhere.

xQc on stage in the Overwatch leagueOverwatch League
xQc went from Overwatch League pro to Twitch star.

Discussing the breakdown of his Twitch earnings, he explained that the majority of his money now comes from ‘large corporations’, rather than viewers subscribing, donating or cheering bits.

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For these reasons, he encouraged his viewers to pick out smaller content creators and use their subs and money to support them instead.

“More serious topic, I talk about this almost never,” he said. “There used to be a time where all the revenue, and all the money the stream made, came from people’s contributions. Subs, donos, bits. But these days… it’s not even close. Money comes – primarily and insane amounts – from corporate and other parties that are not chat.”

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xQc reiterated that he is grateful to any and all who are willing to financially support him, but suggested that their money would be more beneficial going to smaller creators.

He continued: “If you guys watch smaller streamers, subscribe to these guys and use your Prime [subscriptions] for smaller streamers… But by ratio, a lot of money comes from corporate.”

Many of xQc’s viewers praised the streamer and his words, complimenting his generosity. Smaller streamers will doubtless appreciate them as well.

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