xQc explains why he thinks Dr Disrespect is being quiet about Twitch ban

Brent Koepp
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[jwplayer Y7PB7YwV]During a July 16 broadcast, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel reacted to Dr Disrespect’s first interview since being banned on Twitch in June. The former Overwatch pro explained why he thinks the streamer is being so quiet about his removal from the platform. 

On June 26, Twitch unexpectedly banned one of their biggest stars, Dr Disrespect. Weeks later, fans are still no closer to finding out the reason why, as the streaming company has not made any further statements explaining the shock decision.

However, Doc finally broke his silence on July 16, and opened up to several outlets about the suspension. Reacting to his responses, popular streamer xQc explained to viewers why he thinks the Two-Time Champion is not saying much.

xqc reading dr disrespect interview
The popular Twitch streamer gave his thoughts on Dr Disrespect’s first interviews since being banned.

xQc explains why he thinks Dr Disrespect is quiet

While reading the interview with PC Gamer, xQc gave his take on the subject of him not currently being interested in becoming exclusive to another platform. “I’m going to take an educated guess, and I hope it’s not taken the wrong way. But it’s kind of the other way around,” he said. “I think depending on what happened, I don’t think the streaming platforms are interested in getting into an exclusive if Twitch doesn’t want to anymore.”

On the subject of why Dr Disrespect didn’t take to social media to contest his ban, the Canadian explained, “Even if it’s not legal trouble, if you make a statement or just anything, even like a hello on social media, it’s a display of character. It’s a display of state. It’s like “Oh man, you looked happy there.” I feel like it’s a risk that some people may not want to take.”

The 24-year-old then stated that he didn’t think he was lying about not being told the reason for his ban, but is skeptical that he doesn’t have any idea whatsoever what it could be. “He’s not lying by saying that he doesn’t know why, but I’m pretty sure they at least have some sort of good idea of what it could be. Definitely, dude.”

Lastly, the streamer also hit out at critics who questioned why Doc didn’t outright deny any allegations in the interview. “They’re saying “but he didn’t say no!” … Dude, this is just a safety net for the interview. Look, [the interviewer] already asked two possible things he could have gotten banned for, now a third. I think he’s just being like, “just stop with those f**king guesses. What is this, like trial and error dude?”

(Topic starts at 2:24.)

During his broadcast, the former Overwatch streamer told his audience that he wouldn’t “speculate” as to why Dr Disrespect was banned, and cautioned viewers from making assumptions. xQc also theorized that other companies might be interested in doing a multi-stream with Doc where he can go live on multiple platforms “simultaneously.”

While the Canadian is usually known for his variety content and explosive personality, Lengyel often gives his in-depth takes on the streaming industry. The veteran continues to be one of the most watched personalities on Twitch with over 3.2 million followers to his channel at the time of writing.