PewDiePie explains why Joji retired Filthy Frank at “the perfect time”

pewdiepie filthy frankYouTube: PewDiePie / TVFilthyFrank

During a July 14 broadcast, Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg explained to viewers why popular singer George ‘Joji’ Miller had to end his YouTube alter ego Filthy Frank. The Swede revealed why he has “respect” for him over the decision.

While many today know Joji for his chart-topping music, the artist originally got his start on YouTube making videos under his Filthy Frank moniker. The creator eventually retired the channel, and transitioned into a wildly successful singing career.

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During a July stream, PewDiePie opened up to his audience about the singer’s decision to retire the character, and explained why he ended the project at the “perfect time.” The entertainer also reflected on participating in his viral ‘Human Cake’ video back in 2016.

pewdiepie filthy frankYouTube: PewDiePie
The YouTuber watched classic Filthy Frank videos during his stream.

PewDiePie on why Joji was right to retire Filthy Frank

During his July broadcast, Pewds showed his viewers classic YouTube videos. While watching an upload from Filthy Frank in 2015, the creator gave his thoughts on why the singer had to retire the edgy character.

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“People s**t a lot on Joji for leaving this behind, but he wouldn’t be able to keep doing it. He wouldn’t be able to keep making this kind of content, there is just no way. I think he left at a perfect time. I like his music a lot. I really like some of his songs. It makes me respect him more, that he’s doing different things,” he said.

He then explained why fans would have gotten tired of the persona eventually anyway. “If he just did this shtick over and over, people wouldn’t like it either.  You wouldn’t like it,” he continued. “The good thing about it is he can come back any day and be like “lul” … That would be so f**king funny. Come back and just drop a video again.”

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He also stated how hilarious he found it when people realized the famous singer used to make edgy videos on YouTube. “It’s so funny when the comments under his new songs are like “this is the guy that ate a hair cake!” … Just thinking about it is funny still.”

The Swedish creator then reacted to his cameo in Filthy Frank’s 2016 ‘Human Cake’ upload. “Can you imagine this being uploaded today? So f**king crazy!” he said,  before breaking into laughter as he watched himself shave his hair off for the skit. “That was so fun. Good memories. I was cracking up so much. I was trying to deliver this speech, but we couldn’t do it with a straight face.”

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During the rest of his live stream, PewDiePie called the popular videos “the golden era” of the platform, before reiterating that they couldn’t be made today. The star praised Miller’s transition into a successful music career.

While Joji’s iconic YouTube character is one of the worst kept secrets on the internet, in May, K-Pop fans tried to “cancel him” on social media after discovering his alter ego Filthy Frank for the very first time.

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