xQc explains why he deleted his Hinge dating profile after Adept breakup

xqc reveals why he deleted hinge dating appTwitch: xQc / Hinge

Twitch star xQc revealed that he created, and subsequently deleted, his profile on the Hinge dating app following his highly-publicized breakup with ex-girlfriend Adept earlier this month.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is one of Twitch’s most-followed streamers of all time. Boasting over 11 million followers on the purple platform, xQc is a bonafide internet star.

However, even top-tier streamers are looking for love — and so is xQc, following his breakup with ex-girlfriend Adept in early September.

The two notably unfollowed each other on social media around September 15, with xQc saying he felt “cornered” by his former girlfriend and that he had to choose between his romantic relationship and his family.

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On September 16, they clashed in a heated argument that took place during one of xQc’s live streams, where around 125,000 viewers watched the spat happen in real time. He later apologized to Adept for the incident, and the two seem to have smoothed their issues over.

xQc opens up on dating life after Adept break up

Weeks later, it looks like ‘the Juicer’ is back on the dating scene, saying at the end of a recent stream that he’d actually created a profile on Hinge — but quickly deleted it.

“I had made a profile on Hinge, but I deleted it,” he explained. “So that’s out of the way. …that Hinge profile was not it. I feel like I wanna try the avenues of the people that I kind of already know, that I kind of like a little bit before trying out dating apps.”

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“I feel like people that are using dating apps are in the same position as me, but even more down bad, because they kinda have to go on the app,” he joked. “I’m gonna put it in the back pocket for now.”

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The streamer also admitted that he is “kind of happy” after his breakup as he goes on dates to find someone new.

“It kind of felt good,” he said said of his latest outing. “To look at somebody, and somebody’s looking at me in a way that isn’t hostile or bad, or weird. It was just kind of good. It was refreshing. I kind of forgot how that felt, to be honest.”

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xQc isn’t the only one eschewing dating apps for the time being; fellow streamer Valkyrae also admitted to deleting all the dating apps off her phone in a previous YouTube video, saying that she’s “too paranoid” she would get recognized by fans.