xQc’s latest epic desk slam ended his Fortnite stream unexpectedly early

Alan Bernal

Popular Twitch streamer Félix ‘Fortnite resulted in the rage-prone personality to hilariously end his broadcast rather abruptly.

Twitch audiences are used to xQc’s hilarious and sometimes unprovoked bouts of desk-abuse, and every once in a while, it gets to the point that even his own stream can’t take the fearsome images as they unfold.

Since retiring from the Overwatch pro scene, xQc has been enjoying a successful career as a variety streamer, broadcasting everything from IRL adventures to gameplay from a multitude of titles.

Epic GamesSometimes Fortnite can be a complex game of hide-and-seek, other times you can forget to cover your angles and get deleted.

While he is an absolute monster when jumping into an Overwatch game with anyone of his main tanks, it’s not usually the same story when he jumps into other titles like Fortnite.

During his Friday Fortnite foray, the streamer got isolated from the rest of his team which saw him get jumped by incoming squad. Showing off his juiced upped Fortnite skills, xQc managed to knock down and eliminate one of his foes.

Trying to create some distance between himself and the other enemy, xQc retreats to pop a Slurp Juice but it doesn’t look like he properly covered all of his angles.

The foe brazenly ran through an opening in xQc’s enclosure, taking him unawares and eliminating the streamer from the game.

When the realization sunk in, xQc threw down the hammer of a fist onto his desk that shook his cam which managed to stay alive for a brief moment before the stream disconnected.

The technical difficulties stemmed from his juiced up slam sent his Twitch Chat into a frenzy, spamming everything from “LULW” to “OmegaLUL.”

When xQc finally came back moments later, he had already Alt+F4’d out of Fortnite while cementing his resolve of not going on with the day’s competition.

“This was an experience guys,” xQc said after quickly exiting the game. “I am NOT doing Loser’s Bracket! Not doing it.”

The streamer continuously apologized to his stream since he was adamant about not jumping back into the battle royale’s island.

While his Fortnite fans might have been disappointed that he didn’t continue the Friday tournament, they at least got to witness another epic entry in xQc’s long library of juiced up slams.

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