PAX responds to Colin Moriarty controversy but will “not issue refunds”

Brent Koepp

PAX West has finally responded after Sacred Symbols host Colin Moriarty claimed that the convention pulled his PlayStation podcast panel for no reason and misled his fans as a result back on July 30.

With only a month until PAX West, the company abruptly canceled Colin Moriarty’s ‘Sacred Symbols’ panel that had been given the green light previously. 

Initially the company had not answered to inquiries made by the ex-IGN staffer as to why his panel was canceled, but it finally responded on July 31.

“No refunds!”

In a July 31 tweet, Moriarty shared a screenshot of the convention’s response email alongside his disappointment with its contents: “PAX’s response. TLDR: 1.) Reiterated the panel’s cancellation, but gave no reason for it. 2.) No refunds for PAX attendees. 3.) They will refund our airfare expenses in exchange for the free passes they offered. (This last one’s weird. Why would I go where I’m not wanted?!)”

Unfortunately for attendees, its response didn’t provide much answer as to why the panel was rescinded and only offered to refund Moriarty and co-host Chris ‘Ray Gun’ Maldonado’s flights: “We would be happy to discuss reimbursing you and Chris for for your flights for the inconvenience.”

“Attendees are always welcome to contact our customer service line if they have questions regarding the show, but please be advised we do not issue refunds, point of sale indicates all content is subject to change.”

In an emotional podcast uploaded on July 31 to his Patreon account, Moriarty said that he was more upset that his fans were not given a way to get a refund for their PAX passes, rather than the fact they pulled his panel.

“I’m not going to fight for our right to do a panel. But I am gonna fight for the right to respect my audience. And I’m sick of my audience being disrespected. I’ll tell you that much,” he stated.

He offered to refund fans out of his own pocket

After PAX refused to give Sacred Symbols fans their money back, the podcast host tweeted out an offer to refund 20 fans with his own money on August 2.

“As you know, @PAX cancelled Sacred Symbols’ PAX West panel without explanation, weeks after confirming it. PAX refuses to give refunds to members of our audience who no longer want to attend due to our absence. So I’m gonna refund 20 of you out of my own pocket.” he said.

At time of publication, PAX West still hasn’t clarified an exact reason as to why the panel was canceled.